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Unisex Poncho by Paramo

Unisex Poncho by Paramo


The Páramo Poncho is the ideal 'top layer' during those long periods of sitting and waiting when out shooting. It offers fabulous rain protection with the long length and zoned Analogy Pump Liner® giving excellent water-shedding and weather protection. Its packability and ease of putting on make it a useful and weight-efficient garment for wet conditions. Maintain with Nikwax waterproofing Edit Products to ensure maximum deflection of the rain. Wear it alone, or combine with a Nikwax Fleece to create a fully directional waterproof system, equivalent to an Analogy waterproof.

Nikwax® Windproof cuts windchill and protects your insulation but still provides excellent moisture vapour transfer, allowing your perspiration to escape. The fabric is light but very durable and UV resistant so providing excellent protection in all environments.

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