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Single Shot Blank Firer (new design now in stock!)

Single Shot Blank Firer (new design now in stock!)

safe & legal to use anywhere
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Now with a safety chain attaching the barrel to the hand-piece - prevents the barrel ever being dropped and getting lost!

Developed by gundog trainer Mary-Jane Opie, This nifty piece of training kit has been approved by BASC and licenced by the British Proofing House, and solves several problems faced by many dog trainers...

Problem: you need to use a starting pistol but you train on public land, where it's illegal to use one
Solution: use a Single Shot Blank Firer

The Single Shot Blank Firer was designed by gundog trainer Mary-Jane Opie, who does much of her training on public ground, and needed to be able to fire a shot in her training. On most public land (i.e. parks, woodlands and other open areas for public use), Bye Laws would normally prohibit the use of imitation firearms in these areas - so, no starting pistols allowed.

The Single Shot would however be safe and legal to use in these areas, although it's important that the user has a 'reasonable excuse' for possessing it at that time -  for example, you must have your dog with you, or be going to or from training.

Problem: you want to use gunshot as part of your dog training, but you don't want to be weighed down with lots of kit to carry around
use a Single Shot Blank Firer

The Single Shot Blank Firer is small, weighing only 120g, compared to the lightest blank firing pistol which is just over 500g. The Single Shot fits very easily into your pocket or gamebag, and although lightweight it still feels solid in the hand.

Problem: you find a blank firing pistol impossible to fire using only one hand
Solution: use a Single Shot Blank Firer

Whilst some people can find it very difficult to fire a 6mm or 8mm blank firing pistol, and impossible with only one hand, the Single Shot Blank Firer is very easy to load and use, and does not hurt the index finger.

Made in the UK from plastic and stainless steel, The Single Shot Blank Firer takes a single 6mm .22cal blank. It's simplicity of design make it really easy to use as well as being one of the safest compact blank firers on the market.

Click here to see the Single Shot in action.

To use: 
*The barrel and the hand piece are attached together using a bayonet fitting, just like with a bayonet light bulb.
*To insert the blank, twist the barrel (that's the top section) to remove it from the hand piece and insert the blank, pointed-end first.
*Re-attach the barrel into the hand piece, this time twisting the opposite way to lock closed (make sure the blank stays in place).
*Place the Single Shot in the palm of your hand with a finger on either side of the finger guard.
*Hold the Single Shot away from the body and simply pull the fingers back towards palm of the hand until the blank fires

To remove spent blank:
* Unscrew barrel as when loading and turn upside-down to remove spent casing.
* If blank becomes stuck, remove using blank ejector

Check all blanks are dry and in good condition before using them.
Ensure the blank doesn't fall out of the barrel into the hand piece before closing
Ensure the barrel is fully locked into place before firing
Ensure a gap of at least 15cm between the Single Shot and any object when firing.
Ensure the barrel and breach are clean and clear of any gunpowder residue.
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