Gundog Gear: Proud Supporters of Orrets Meadow Special School

Here at Gundog Gear we are extremely privileged to have the opportunity to support Orrets Meadow Special School, based close to us on the Wirral. We wanted to take a moment to tell you about Orrets, why it is so close to our hearts, and why we think you should add a donation to your Gundog Gear order!

Orrets Meadow is a special primary school for children with learning and/or social communication difficulties, including autism. Orrets has specialist teachers, small classes and flexible, multi-sensory and highly imaginative learning methods designed to inspire and engage children who may have had a pretty bad time at school before arriving there.

Orrets’ aim is to re-awaken interest in learning, to restore the child’s confidence and self-esteem and to help every pupil reach his or her potential. They certainly succeed in this, and in 2017 Ofsted classed Orrets as an ‘Outstanding’ school for the fourth time in a row.

Now to the really personal bit – why we at Gundog Gear are sponsoring Orrets Meadow…

The answer is Michael. Michael is our son; he’s 7 years old, an excellent Assistant Gundog Trainer and his love for all our dogs means he is also our Chief Canine Welfare Officer! Incidentally, Michael also has Learning Difficulties and Autism. And thanks to Orrets Meadow, you couldn’t wish to meet a happier, more loving, sunshine-filled little boy. You see, Michael was struggling at school, he was unhappy and anxious. We worked tirelessly to get him the diagnosis, help and support he needed, which led us to Orrets Meadow’s door. 

We visited the school and knew instantly that this place would completely change Michael’s – and our – lives. With a lot of hard work and dogged determination, we finally secured a place for Michael at Orrets Meadow, and he started there in September 2018. 

It’s really difficult to find the words that can do justice to explaining our feelings about Orrets Meadow, or to explain what it’s done for Michael. In a few short weeks he was transformed back into the loving, carefree little boy we feared we had lost. Michael doesn’t have to worry anymore about all the confusion that the school day used to bring. He feels secure and happy, which is all any parent wants for their child. 

I am very proud to have been asked to be one of Orrets Meadow’s Parent Governors, and Gary and I are determined to give as much as we can back to this amazing school, a school that literally changes the lives of the children who attend it and that of their families. 

That is why Gundog Gear now support Orrets Meadow; we make a donation to the school for every order we receive. And we could love it if you could also make a donation – 100% of which will go to Orrets Meadow. 
Click here to make a donation to Orrets Meadow Special School.
Thank you so much!
Emma & Gary McCarthy, Gundog Gear