iLauncher Fireball XLD Tennis Ball Launcher Attachment

iLauncher Fireball XLD Tennis Ball Launcher Attachment

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The Fireball XLD fires high quality tennis balls from a standard dummy launcher.

To fit the Fireball to your dummy launcher:
1. Ensure the securing screw on the Fireball is loose enough and the launcher is not loaded.
2. Slide the smaller Fireball tube over the launcher spigot until it fits up against the flat plate. If necessary use a little WD40 or similar on the O ring seal to assist. If necessary, the Fireball can be use with the O ring removed.
3. Tighten the black securing screw so it makes contact with the spigot of the launcher. Be sure not to over-tighten it.
4. To load a single ball: push the ball into the tube - don't push it all the way to the bottom, just so it is completely inside the tube but near the 'exit end'.
5. To load 2 balls: put the first ball in as a single, then push the second one in so that half of it remains outside the tube
6. Load the launcher and fire as you would with a dummy, observing any safety requirements.

Please note:
*If the tennis ball falls to the bottom of the tube it is the wrong size ball (they do actually come in different sizes!) This is why we recommend that you only use professional grade tennis balls (which are the right size).
*Don't use old, worn or damaged balls
*Use only .22 launcher blanks in the dummy launcher (green or yellow)
*Always use hearing and eye protection
*Always point device away from people and animals. This product fires a tennis ball at a high velocity and emits a loud bang.

Product Information

This device was designed by us in 2012 . And one I always get asked for so here it is back in production.

Basically it fits on the end of a hand launcher and is used to fire one or two tennis balls instead of a dummy. The best feature is ours is 90% recoil free meaning the kick is barely felt during launch .

 Another feature of our is its directional sound when used without a ball . It magnifies the gunshot to shotgun levels so its  great for giving a mark to shot at greater distances than a .22 blank pistol . Always wear ear and eye protection when using such devices ..its loud!

Use with a quality standard size tennis ball for best performance for tennis ball launching or a standard blank for sound. 

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