HugRug Pet Patterns Range

HugRug Pet Patterns: Pet 63 Mat

HugRug Pet Patterns: Pet 63 Mat

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What makes HugRug so special?

HugRug is made from recycled cotton combined with a new advanced microfibre, thinner than a human hair. This microfibre is able to attract dirt and dust molecules very efficiently, and can absorb over 4 times their own weight in water or liquid without letting any water through onto the floor!

HugRug traps up to 95% of dust, wet mud and dirt, reducing slip hazards from wet floors, getting deep into the tread of shoes and paws, so protecting carpets and floors which reduces cleaning.

HugRugs are easy to clean becoming more absorbent with each wash.

HugRug is the world's most environmentally friendly barrier mat, designed to have a light environmental footprint. HugRug is dedicated to ethical trading, ensuring all of their materials come from approved sources.

HugRug Pet Pattern Range
We all love pets but they are no good at wiping their feet, so HugRug is perfect for stopping those paw prints in their tracks. Features include:
* Recycled Content
* Traps up to 95% of dust, dirt and mud
* Manufactured in the UK
* 100% recyclable
*machine washable (see below)
*Size: 65 x 85cm


We all love the environment, nature and wildlife but we want to keep it in it’s rightful place OUTSIDE! So use this INDOOR barrier mat to keep it that way!

Caring for your HugRug:

  • Only wash when necessary. Mrs. Gundog Gear says "we shake ours outside then hoover them regularly, and as a result with a house full of muddy dogs and muddy children (and husbands) we wash them approximately every month."
  • Wash at 30 degrees with a non-biological liquid and don't use fabric softener. To extend the rug's life, put it inside a pillow case or duvet cover before washing and keep the spin speed to 600 rpm.
  • Dry flat, on a washing line, airier or aga rail. You can tumble dry it for 10 minutes on a cool setting to fluff up the pile, but no longer than that.
  • Don't put a HugRug back down on a damp floor - wait until it's dry.
  • New HugRugs may shed excess cotton - this is normal and soon stops.
  • As with any soft furnishings, the colour will fade over time if left in direct sunlight.

HugRug mats are designed not to leave marks, however a combination of cleaning products, sunlight & heat may effect  and / or cause discolouration to certain types of flooring when covered. We would advise you to please lift the mat frequently to allow the floor under the mat to be cleaned and aired. Our backing is a natural based product free from vinyl & PVC. For specialist flooring please check with the manufacturer before using any rubber backed mats.

Mrs. Gundog Gear says: "we use HugRugs on our sealed wooden floors downstairs and also on our sealed bathroom floors and they are absolutely great! They don't leave marks and they wash really well at 30 degrees. Even the large runners fit happily into the washing machine."

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