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Aqueos Spray on Plaster

Ideal for mishaps out in the field

BugsZilla: Chemical Free Flea & Tick Repellent Spray

Natural Flea & Tick Prevention

First Aid Kit for Pets
Kronch - Pemmikan Bar

Kronch Pemmikan is a high-energy supplementary feed that provides almost instant usable energy for dogs. It’s made from essential levels of fat, protein, and glucose.

Kronch Pemmikan was developed in cooperation with the Sirius Patrol.

The Sirius Patrol was in need of a highly concentrated yet compact source for energy to feed their sledge dogs when on patrol in arctic Greenland.  Many hunters and dog sports people have tested Kronch Pemmikan as an energy supplement in a number of situations. It was found that the dog’s level of performance remained high all day long in demanding and/or stressful situations, such as on hunts, at exhibitions, and during tests.
Kronch Pemmikan was part of the feeding program on the Sirius Expedition in 2000 and is now used with great success in Fly-Ball, Agility, Herding, Canix, Racing and working, field trialling.

KRUUSE Fun-Flex Pet Bandage
Leucillin 250ml
Tick twister
Vet's Best Flea & Tick Wipes

Step up your war on fleas and ticks with Vet’s Best Flea and Tick Wipes for Dogs & Cats. Repels mosquitoes, too! Target unwanted pests with a durable wipe loaded with natural essential oils. Ultra-soft wipes clean and deodorize your pet’s coat while killing fleas, flea eggs, and ticks by contact. Safe and easy to apply around your pet’s ears, and other sensitive areas when used as directed.

Vince the Vet: Combined Intestinal & Lungworm Screening Kit

Natural Worm Screening for your dogs

Vince the Vet: Intestinal Worm Screening Kit

Natural Worm Screening for your dogs

Vince the Vet: Lungworm Screening Kit

Natural Worm Screening for your dogs