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Duck Scent 35ml (shipping 7 days)

Duck Scent 35ml (shipping 7 days)

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These 2oz (approx 60ml) scent bottles can be used to add scent to fur or canvas dummies, and can also be used to lay a scent trail for your dog which will end in him locating a hidden dummy.

A note about game scents: in our experience, all bird scents do the same job, which is to increase the amount of game scent on the object to be retrieved. The dog will not differentiate between pheasant, grouse, waterfowl, duck, dove or pigeon scent. The only birds which smell particularly different to a dog, and which therefore some dogs can have problems retrieving, are snipe, woodcock and teal (and so far specific scents are not available for these birds).

As a result, we believe that regardless which particular bird you're training your dog to retrieve, any one of these scents will work just as well. By sharing our findings with you, our customers, we may well be reducing the number of different scent bottles we sell, but it's more important to us that you spend your cash on the products that will really help you with your training, and not waste money on things you don't really need!

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