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DogGusti Protective Waterproof Sock (shipping 7 days)

DogGusti Protective Waterproof Sock (shipping 7 days)

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protection for injured paws

DogGusti® - waterproof protective sock for dogs from natural rubber latex suitable for the protection of feet, which should not come into contact with water.

It's irreplaceable tool for veterinarians, animal physiotherapists, shops, dog schools, e-shops.

You know the situation - dog with bandage on the paw, it's rainy outside, everywhere a lot of mud .. with DogGusti will walk even in these conditions simple.

DogGusti® - a unique, certified veterinarians sock provides the following benefits:

- 100 % waterproof
- easy to use
- washable
- symmetrical - both sides usable
- does not restrict mobility of the legs
- with two safety belts with velcro fastener holds very well on foot
- biodegradable material

Size: see above
Colours: green or yellow will be sent depending upon availability

DogGusti® - protective sock:
- thanks to the waterproof material particularly suitable for use in bandages, but reliably protects your dog's paws also by smaller wounds without bandaging
- prevent ingress of dirt and germs into the wound and speed up the healing process
- it is also suitable for protection against salt in the winter and other negative environmental influences
- is perfect for spa treatments plunge paws
- can be easily cut to any required Length. This reduction has proved especially for smaller and lighter injuries, pads or claws
- one of the necessary equipment in first aid boxes for dogs

WARNING: DogGusti® - protective sock is not suitable in combination with plaster bandage (plaster). DogGusti® - protective sock is air-tight. Be careful, cannot be used continuously for long time, because the wound, whether bandaged or not, needs sufficient access of air. Your vet will definitely help!

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