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Dog Trace Ball Dropper

Dog Trace Ball Dropper

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To see the Ball Dropper in action, click here.

The Ball Dropper, which holds 4 tennis balls,  is set up by the handler prior to the start of a training session.  During the training session the handler can then use the remote control to drop a tennis ball from the ball dropper without the dog seeing. The dog is then sent to hunt the area and finds the ball. The dog can then be sent back to the area to find another ball.

The idea behind this is that the dog soon learns to trust the handler - even if the dog doesn't think that an area contains a retrieve (because he hasn't seen anything land there), by trusting the handler and going where he is sent, he will have a sucessful retrieve. Developing from this, the Ball Dropper is also very useful in teaching a dog to hold a particular area when working. The Ball Dropper also allows the handler to develop other scenarios where a reward can be placed without obvious indication to the dog.

This system consists of one unit and handset that will release 4 balls, one at a time at the push of a button. Up to 7 more ball feeder units can be purchased and programed to run of the same handset (each additional feeder tube costs £99.99). Each feeder is supplied with 4 kong tennis ball-style balls direct from the manufacturer. However these are squeaky, and so you may wish to use your own tennis balls. Range  - 100m comfortably (up to 250m in optimum conditions)

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