Prepping the kitchen for Game Season...

Prepping the kitchen for Game Season...

Whilst Matty gets excited and ready for the season starting with the dogs, I (Hales) get excited for the influx of game making its way into the kitchen!

It’s always interesting chatting to other folk about what they do with the game they get during the season – some sell it, some give it away, and some (like us) use it! Why wouldn’t you?!

The freezer stock has slowly dwindled and I’m looking forward to getting it stocked up with all our faves – my particular favourite has to rabbit! What an underrated meat!

I can understand lots of people being put off by the preparation of the multiple birds and rabbits, but I love the challenge. Even more so, I love cooking with it!

Previously, I’ve just worked with the basic kit – a good knife, cast iron casserole, and my hands! Last year, I treated myself to a set of catering knives, and the game changer that is the ‘Instant Pot’! (keep your eyes peeled for a separate post on the Instant Pot – it deserves it!)

This year, in preparation I’ve treated myself to a lovely Victorinox curved boning knife, a vac packer, a small electric mincer, and because I’m a bit of a geek, I’ve got a label maker – marker pens would just smudge when I was labelling up the meats so why not? Plus, if you’re batching up multiple packs of the same item, you can just print out the same label multiple times! I love it!

My kit is ready; I’m ready – are you?

We’d love to hear what you do with your game! Prepping tips, recipes etc…

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