3 essential pieces of kit Mr David Latham

3 essential pieces of kit  Mr David Latham

How are we all doing good folk.  I trust you are all fantastic and are all in the throws of the new season!


Following on from last week where i talked about what i personally thought are 3 pieces of essential kit for the working dog.  As promised we have the oracle of dog training and England Gundog Team Captain, Mr David Latham who we put this simple question or not so as it seems to be….


So here we go!


Morning Matt   I hope you and your good wife, Hayley are well and  the dogs are firing on all cylinders..

Question. What are my top three pieces of training equipment. 

Very difficult question actually as they all play an important part in the jigsaw at some point. 

1. Dummie launcher. 

2. Soft rubber ball on a string. 

3. Good training vest. 

I have 4 dummy launchers, I find them such a versatile piece of kit, 

I like to set my self a walked up course up consisting marks off my launchers, memories and blinds. 

Once the course is set it makes training much quicker and interesting, especially if your on you own, with several dogs to train.




I suppose from a novice perspective such as myself,  i tend to make it more difficult and complicated than it needs to be by overthinking every aspect and trying to use as many training aids as possible.. Thus resulting in my stress levels going through the roof when the dog isn't doing whats being asked. So before i start now,  I stick to one aspect whether it be hunting up, line work, basic heel work etc etc.  I finish on a high rather than…..She's doing so well,  I'm going to do just one more….just one more…..just one more…

Why go home unhappy and stressed with the last hour of training as well as the dog thinking…. What did i do? and instead, go home absolutely delighted with how it went and the dog screaming out for more! (obviously not screaming as that's going to get you a….Put your dog on  a lead)  You're happy, the dog is happy and most of all your partner is happy as your gob is'nt on the floor tripping you up when you get home!

Having spoken to Dave on many occasion re training.  The best advice i have taken not only from Dave but many other top trainers is keep it fun for the dog and trust your dog.


Next up, Mr Garret Marson of Smallbrooks Gundogs

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