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Balaclava by Paramo

Balaclava by Paramo


The Páramo Balaclava is a highly practical and warm piece of kit, providing excellent weather protection and preventing the build-up of condensation and perspiration. It can even be put on over wet hair and increase your comfort. Offering wind and water repellency, it is exceptionally lightweight.

    Nikwax Analogy® is more than just breathable, it is directional, and moves liquid water

    Nikwax Analogy Waterproof FabricConventional breathable membrane waterproof fabrics fail because they cannot remove all of the sweat we produce when we are working hard, especially in cold and wet conditions. Therefore condensation and icing are well known problems experienced with membrane rainwear. Nikwax Analogy overcomes these problems because it is not only breathable, but also directional. The Analogy fabric system directs condensation and perspiration away from the body, where it can safely drain away.


    • Unrestricted vision with full weather protection due to reinforced visor and drawcord adjustment.
    • Temperature control through use of neck and face drawcords.
    • Comfortable and snug fit provided by elasticated headband.
    • Keeps you dry even when put on directly over wet hair due to the directional properties of the Analogy Waterproof fabric.
    • One size fits all.
    • weight 80g
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