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Auto Launch Remote Control Dummy Launcher: 4 Shot

Auto Launch Remote Control Dummy Launcher: 4 Shot

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The 'AUTO LAUNCH ' Remote Control Dummy Launcher is a complete gundog training system.  Ideal for use by any gundog trainer from early stage training through to the professional training day or gundog event.

Click here for a video of the launcher in action

What does this launcher do?
Designed to simulate game being shot and falling to the ground, the Auto Launch fires Canvas launcher dummies up to 50m and PVC Launcher dummies up to to 90m. Activated by a remote control handset, the handler can be up to 400m away from the machine when launching.  Each of the 4 dummies fires individually, and each launcher can be separately positioned to fire at any angle from horizontal, replicating a bolting rabbit, to almost vertical, replicating a towering partridge. With the 4 Shot model you can have all 4 launchers facing in the same direction so that all 4 dummies fire out from the same side of the machine, or you can turn two of the launchers round so that they are pointing in the opposite direction.

What about the electronics?
The machine itself is fitted with a remote control receiver, whilst the operator has the remote control transmitter, and can operate the launcher from a distance of up to 400m away. The remote handset will still operate the launcher through dense undergrowth. It has an on/off button and 4 launch buttons - with one machine, press button number 1 each time to fire a dummy. Buttons 2, 3 and 4 can be used if you want to operate up to 4 separate machines from one handset.

The Launcher is powered by a rechargeable battery unit with an intelligent charger (just plug it into a normal wall socket). When fully charged the unit will fire around 500 shots in one day, or 300 shots if used over time, before needing to be recharged.

What about safety features?
*When the launcher is switched on, there is a beep and a 6 second delay before the unit can be fired - this makes it double clear that the machine is now switched on, and allows the operator time to move away from the launcher before firing can commence.
*There is also a two-stage loading process: the cocking lever has three positions -
     1.Closed: it is impossible to fully insert the magazine containing the launcher blank into the firing chamber
     2. Loading: pull the lever down once until you hear a click to the loading position - you can insert the magazine into the firing chamber but the unit won't fire
     3. Firing: pull the lever down again; you'll hear another click and launcher is ready to fire.
     1. Closed: once the launcher has been fired remotely, the cocking lever goes back  to the closed position by itself.

Talk me through it - how does it actually work?
Once the battery is fully charged, the machine is very easy to work:-
1. Ensure the unit and remote are switched off and the Auto Launch is placed in the position you require with the legs unfolded.
2. Position the launcher spigots in the direction and at the elevation you require.
3. Pull each cocking lever down to 'loading' position (you'll hear a click) - this will allow the magazine to release.
4. Remove a magazine and insert a blank into it, then replace the magazine. It will slide right into the firing chamber. Repeat this for all magazines.
5. Place the dummies onto the spigots
6. Double check that the machine is completely set up as you want it.
7. Pull each cocking lever down again to the 'firing' position - you'll hear another click.
8. Switch the machine on: the green LED light will illuminate and a 6 second beep to sound. Move away from the unit to a safe distance, from which you will fire the machine using the remote control.
9. When you are in position, switch the remote control on. If you're using just one unit, press button 1 on the handset, and the first dummy will fire.
10. For each subsequent retrieve, press button no 1 again, until all 4 dummies have fired.
11. Turn the handset off, return to the machine and switch it off.
12.Pull the cocking lever to the loading position (listen for the click). You can then remove the magazine and use the blank extractor on the end of the unit to remove the blank. 
13. To repeat the same retrieves exactly, go to step 4 and re-load the magazines.
14. If you want to adjust the direction and angle of the launcher heads, go back to step 2.

Firing Sequence: the dummies will always fire in the same sequence: press button 1 once and you fire the dummy furthest away from the receiver, press it again and you fire the 2nd closest to the receiver, a third press will fire the 3rd closest and finally the 4th press of button no 1 will fire the dummy closest to the receiver.

Resetting the firing sequence: you may fire one, two or three dummies, then you may decide you want to start again from dummy number 1. To do this, switch off the remote handset, then return to the machine and switch it off, reset and reload your already fired dummies and then switch the unit on again (following steps 1 to 9 above) and press the red reset button. The firing sequence will start automatically at dummy no 1.

Practical Stuff
The Auto Launch is made from stainless steel, aluminium and strengthened plastic and is precision CNC engineered. The aluminium moving parts are anodised for longer life.
The unit also has fold-out metal legs which end with an angle to allow you to stick them into soft ground, further anchoring the launcher in place.
The carry handles allow for easy carrying of the 4 Shot, which weighs about 8kg in total. It measures 60cm long (including receiver box), 29cm high with legs folded away and 29cm wide.
There is also a built-in launcher blank extractor on the end of the unit. We recommend you use either yellow or green launcher blanks with this machine.
The Auto Launch is water resistant but not waterproof - it's ok to use in light rain for a short time but not a torrential downpour.
A comprehensive user guide comes with each unit which includes full safety precautions and operating procedure.
The Auto Launch Remote Control Launcher is covered by a 1-year return to base warranty as laid out in the User Guide.

What do I get with my Auto Launch 4 Shot?
The Auto Launch comes with all necessary electronics (transmitter & receiver, rechargeable battery pack and intelligent charger), plus 1 year warranty, technical support, User Guide and 4 canvas launcher dummies with streamers (the streamers simulate a pheasant tail and help the dogs mark the dummies in the air).

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