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LAUNCHER BLANKS (red & green available, yellow out of stock) -

LAUNCHER BLANKS (red & green available, yellow out of stock)

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Description and Specifications

Brand:  Vawter Ammunition

Dedicated .22 Launcher blanks:

Green / low velocity: ideal for younger and first-time dogs or when you don't need the dummy to travel further than 60-80 yards, for example on water or through thick cover

Yellow / medium velocity: standard power level charge for all-round launcher work sending the dummy up to 80-100 yards meters dependent on dummy type.

Red / high velocity: high power level charge, will send a dummy 100-120 yards.



*We do not recommend that red blanks are used in hand-held or remote launchers.

*These blanks are not suitable for blank firing pistols.

* The manufacturers of these blanks strongly recommend the regular cleaning of both launchers and launcher dummies to prevent the potentially dangerous build-up of gunpowder residue from used blanks, and to increase the longevity of these products.