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Gundog Gear Fireball XLD Tennis Ball Adapter by HH PRODUCTS -

Gundog Gear Fireball XLD Tennis Ball Adapter by HH PRODUCTS

Price: £19.99

Description and Specifications

This amazing new 2016 model tennis ball launcher fits onto any .22 dummy launcher and allows it to fire tennis balls even further than before, out to a distance of 60 metres using yellow blanks. It can fire either a single ball, or two at a time, giving the dog a double mark. Once fired, the tennis ball will carry a very strong shot scent, which is excellent for leaving a trail or when fired into heavy cover.

The Fireball XLD is uniquely designed with an off-centre firing tube, which creates a slight backspin on the ball, making it travel straighter and further. Because it reduces felt recoil to virtually nothing (even with high powered blanks) it's also perfect for use with hand-held launchers as well. It  is made from super-durable heavy black pvc and has a double bulkhead.

The Fireball XLD comes complete with simple instructions. Tennis balls not included.