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Flectabed-Q® Quilted Dog Bed -

Flectabed-Q® Quilted Dog Bed

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Description and Specifications

The Flectabed® range consists of an inner quilt and variations of outer cover.

The inner quilt combines two key elements of thermal insulation to keep dogs exceptionally warm all year round:
  • The inner quilt is made from a revolutionary lightweight insulating material specifically designed for its thermal properties, developed from NASA research into aluminised surfaces which can reflect up to 95% of radiated heat.
  • Its multi layered fibres trap pockets of warm air to reduce heat loss, and reflective surfaces reflecting any lost body heat back to the pet.
The Flectabed-Q comes with a quilted outer cover in cream or brown. The standard Flectabed additional waterproof and fleece covers also fit the same size Flectabed-Q perfectly.
  • Innovative technology in thermal bedding
  • Made in Great Britain
  • Helps with Arthritis or ill pets to recover faster
  • Extra warmth without need for electricity
  • Great for travelling
  • Different cover options available: Fleece cover, waterproof cover, quilted  brown cover, quilted cream cover