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David & Stefanie Latham Present: The Secret to Sucess Series 2 (2017) -

David & Stefanie Latham Present: The Secret to Sucess Series 2 (2017)

Price: £54.00

Description and Specifications

We are pleased to present this fabulous set of training DVDs by David and Stefanie Latham; David has won the IGL Championship no less than four times, and Stefanie is a highly respected gundog breeder and trainer, and member of the Austrian Gundog Team - so who better to learn from!!

David has this to say about Series 2:
'The Secret to Success Series 2', includes 2 DVDs, Parts One and Two. 
The training basics covered in this series deal with dogs from 6 to 12 months of age. We feel this period in a dog's life is very important and lays the foundation for the rest of his working life. We will discover what kind of qualities our dog has; is he soft? Shy? Lacking in confidence? Or is he full of drive and passion? Through our experience of working with dogs for over 40 years, we will help you to find the right method that suits your dog. Remember - every dog is different!

Coming Next - Series 3
In Series 3 we will advance to build on the knowledge gained in Series 2 and move on to develop our dog from Novice to Open level. We will cover  true blinds, diversions, double marks, advanced water work and much more. This is the part where the technical training comes in to play.