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Check Chain -

Check Chain

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Description and Specifications

A check chain will help to perfect your heel work as well as giving you an extra edge when working with a particularly willful youngster. When the dog starts to pull and the check chain tightens, the noise made by the metal sections passing over each other is unpleasant for the dog and can help to check him. He will also quickly learn that if he doesn't pull, the chain stays comfortable.

Our check chains are medium gauge, and come in several different lengths: 18", 20", 22", 24", 26", 28".
To work out which length you need, think of how you put the chain over the dog's head and measure around the widest part of his head (over his ears and under his jaw).  the chain needs to be long enough to comfortably fit over this part of his head. if you want to slip the chain on and off quickly in the field, add a few inches to this measurement.

Note: the length given includes the ring on either end of the chain.